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We are an internet marketing firm based out of Houston, Texas. Proud home of the Rockets, Astros and Houston Texans! We partner with many local businesses in Harris County and the greater Houston area but the nature of our services allow us to work with many businesses all over the country.

Our Approach

Internet marketing is an “umbrella term” for many different components. Our team understands how all the variables work together which enables us to be solution focused. We believe that by compiling multiple micro wins we will achieve the overall macro win.

We believe in a holistic approach – if you want to be effective, efforts must be distributed among all KPIs focusing on those which generate the most ROI.

In summary, understanding how multiple platforms and tactics supplement each other can exponentially grow an online presence.

Our Story

Our team is composed of individuals with a marketing background and one thing in common… all of us worked for a large corporation or company. Many of us were part of an “in-house” marketing department. Big companies are able to budget for large teams of marketers who are able to keep up with: website maintenance, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media management, media, copywriting and PR. We understand that this is not possible for many smaller businesses which often leads to opportunities left on the table.

In short, it is difficult for a small or medium sized business to manage an online infrastructure, especially if online sales are secondary in terms of revenue generation.

We decided to make it possible for all businesses looking to grow online to outsource that part of the business to us so they are able to focus on what they do best. We realized we were able to offer our team of marketing experts to businesses for less than the salary of one full-time employee, hence Landingfish was born.

Lets keep this brief, this is how we were formed and we couldn’t be happier with are decision!

Meet the Team

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