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Social media can be tricky and overwhelming. Need some tips? Below is a DIY resource.

A four-step plan comprising new tips and tricks has been offered by renowned social media marketing influencers and leaders to boost the social media marketing strategy of your brand. It is impossible for a business to survive in this clogged Internet environment without solving the crucial problems of consumer interaction and online visibility. Without a robust social media presence, an online marketing strategy would be an exercise in futility. The combination of social media advertising and search engine optimization is an excellent strategy.

Landingfish is a social media marketing agency  that offers social media marketing services and SEO. In this write-up, you will be shown answers to the critical questions about social media networking and the impact of an active social media marketing plan. According to Lee Odden of, he said that understanding the behaviors of the searchers and how their expectations have altered is crucial to know the answers.

Considering the enormous volume of content placed on the internet each day with the figures set at twenty-seven million pieces daily, having a presence can be a complicated task. Mark Schaefer in his Content Shock article offered a theory that the web marketing world is currently at a point where the volumes of content increasing at an exponential rate have exceeded our inadequate human capacity to expend it.
These are the four critical steps to a social media marketing strategy for success and adhering to them will make you stand out from the crowd:

#1 Identify Social Media Goals & Objectives

Utilizing the SMART approach for essential goal setting is important. It starts by ensuring your goals follow this simple procedure, and this means, your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-accountable. Goals are the benchmarks that help a business entity to evaluate its success and failure. In the absence of goals, it will be hard to know the return on investment (ROI).
Ensure you set goals that exceed the ephemeral metrics like gaining likes and retweets on your pictures. On the other hand, concentrate on more important factors like generated leads and referral of website traffic. It is also crucial for any business entity to integrate the strategy that will increase their brand’s awareness, retain clients as well as lessening marketing expenses.
Make sure you make the process straightforward at the beginning. It is important to note that concentrating on excess goals at the same time will result in lack of achieving them. Rather than disrupt your plans, it is better to carefully select two crucial goals and two secondary goals which will be given utmost concentration. These objectives will help you to identify social media campaigns that are not performing excellently.

#2 Focus On The Right Social Networks For Your Business

According to Red Frog, the vast population of users of a specific social network does not mean that it is the right place for your clients’ objectives. Ensure you utilize social media platforms that entice your target audience.
You should understand that each social platform has its flaws and strengths. Every social media marketer must carefully select the best social networks that align with the goals of the brand. This will prevent a scenario of time wastage and staying in the wrong place and trying to sell to the wrong buyer.
Take a look at some of the social networks that are used by billion users, and a list of resources when using them for your marketing strategy.



Facebook is arguably one of the widely used social networks in the world at the moment as it is a robust social marketing powerhouse that possesses extensive reach to all demographics. It is important to note that there are appropriate ways of using Facebook for your marketing campaign; you also need to know some fictional methods worth avoiding, and some refined ad marketing techniques that will take your business to the next level.


Out of all the social networks around, Twitter is the unique of them all as it possesses its style and language which is distinct from the other social media channels. When compared with other social media platforms, Twitter has more automated third-party tools and analytics. You can get the best results from the utilization of Twitter by having a proper understanding of the #Hashtag research tools, real-time alerts when there is a mention of keywords, use of Twitter’s advanced search capabilities, and understanding the best times to send tweets.


LinkedIn is a predominantly business to business social network, unlike Twitter and Facebook. The use of LinkedIn is entirely based on professional networking, industry discussions, and career development. When you invest considerable time into your LinkedIn marketing within the community of professionals, your business growth will be improved significantly. It is crucial to build a robust LinkedIn profile and use it to advertise your small business and create a lasting brand presence.


Google Plus is offered to Gmail account owners free of charge, the business page of Google Plus is needed by Google for a brand to create a substantial web presence and a map location with excellent SEO value. Just like LinkedIn, Google Plus profile optimization is critical. Advertising to the various communities on Google Plus offers two significant advantages, and these are:
Ensure your posts are visible in search results.
Your posts improve the SEO of your business.


Pinterest is a social media platform that can generate leads and a significant source of income. Having an understanding of how Pinterest works, the creation of a Pinterest board and the optimization of your boards and pins, as well as the use of the tools of Pinterest will enhance your brand’s engagement and visibility.


The growth of Instagram has expanded since it was acquired by Facebook. Currently, the number of its users has increased to over three hundred million individuals with more than thirty billion pictures shared and about seventy million photos uploaded on a daily basis. If you want to take full advantage of this social media channel, your posts must have the necessary #hashtags, utilize relevant captions to your advantage and relate with the content of other users. To learn more about Instagram be sure to check out our “Cheat Sheet” which was crafted after working with many small business owners to improve their IG efforts.

If you need further instruction we are currently offering a complimentary 15 min call in which an account representative will answer any and all questions you may have.

#3 Create a Content Plan and Strategy (this is probably the most important)

There is a need to create a social media marketing strategy. What does a social media marketing plan entail? It can be defined as the summation of your entire plan and your anticipated business goals through the utilization of social networking means. You must ensure your strategy comprises of your audit of social accounts, your expected position, and the complete tools you intend to use to achieve them.
Make sure your social profiles are optimized to ensure your business goals are met. The reason for optimizing your profiles for SEO is that it assists you achieve more web traffic to your online properties. It is an excellent idea to utilize a social media editorial calendar for the scheduling of your content and posts in advance.

Ensure your content can be shared easily and have engaging content. You need to explore visual ideas to enhance your social engagement. For example, your content should be audience polls, contests, images, videos, and infographics.

Let your content discuss current happenings. A perfect example of this content is the Papa John’s March Madness that had sixty comments in less than thirty minutes. It is unlikely that they understand their target audience, but the posting of current events did the magic. You will discover buyers in the market willing to purchase from you for the first time by personalizing your social messages to suit them. Your aim is to find and entice prospects to your brand.

One crucial factor that must not be ignored in social media marketing is researching your competition. Having an idea of the quick methods used by your competitors will offer you the opportunity to know more about their activities and the proven techniques yielding results. From this point, you can integrate these test-proven techniques into your social media marketing campaign. For instance, RivalIQ is an incredible tool for knowing essential details about your competition.

On a final note, you need to source for ideas from the leaders in the social media sphere. Utilize tools to know the movers and shakers of your industry who are popularly known as influencers. Create a robust relationship with these individuals when you find them. In her words, Susan Gunelius of KeySplash Creative Inc. stated it as the Law of Influencers in which she said that you must always remember to tag individuals in your curated content. Ishita Ganguly (@gtinni) also delivered an exceptional write-up on the importance of giving credit to the source. To curate and repost content in a completely legitimate fashion, it is a best practice to reach out to the individual or entity PRIOR to posting.

#4 Evaluate, Track and Improve Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Analyzing and improving your marketing efforts will be a herculean task if you have executed these three steps mentioned above. There is a need for you to engage in constant testing of your social media marketing strategy so you can know the necessary amendments to be done on your social media marketing campaign. You must ensure that you track social media visits to your page with the help of Google Analytics.
Google Analytics will help you to evaluate and take records of your shortcomings as well as achievements, and also provide a platform for the modification of your social media marketing strategy. You can also utilize the Social Media Analytics Tool created by Sprout Social to monitor your campaign’s progress.
You must understand that your social media strategy will continue to evolve when new social networks are coming on board.
Always remember that a social media marketing strategy is a flexible plan that is bound to change at any time. One of the means to prevent content fatigue is by using a content that has recorded outstanding success in the past. When you post content and engage in optimization, it calls for intelligence in the handling of your social media marketing campaign. According to James Scherer of the Content Marketing Institute, he said that it is better to reuse your content with intelligence instead of concentrating your life on the creation of an exceptional single blog article as it is better to work smart than work hard.

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