The best seo tools to use!

Landingfish   •   July 2018

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This guide is intended for small businesses who are attempting to keep their SEO efforts in house. Even if there are only a few tools that you learn how yo use, it may make all the difference in your search appearance.

It will also serve as a reference to SEOs who want to discover tools that will make them more efficient while working with clients. I made sure to include tools that I see fit for the job. After all if we are running a successful agency with these tools there is a good chance you will benefit from them as well.

Please reach out to us if there are any tools you think we missed or questions you may have.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Below I have included SEO tools that I use nearly everyday to help clients achieve rankings in the SERPs. Some of these tools you may have already heard of but hopefully you make some important discoveries that will help you out along the way. Just to be clear I am not officially endorsing any websites. Please note it is the reader’s responsibility to do proper research before visiting or purchasing any goods or services. Some of these tools are paid and some are free.

Google Webmaster Tools

The search engine optimization tools listed below are advanced tools but even if you are not tech savvy you can ask you webmaster if he is currently implementing these resources. Even for a newbie these tools can make a big difference!

  • Search Console – crawl web pages, check crawl errors, submit sitemaps
  • Analytics – Monitor conversions, web traffic, traffic sources and more.
  • Page Speed Insights – Enter URL to check load speed on mobile and Desktop.
  • Structured Data Testing Tool – Check pages for schema markup
  • Keyword Planner – Adwords keyword research tool (cross check findings)

Holistic Tools (all inclusive)

These SAAS are subscription based are paid but they are powerful. I stated them as holistic because they are a marketer’s “multi-tool” housing many useful components.

Keyword Research

Local SEO  

Social Media Tools

The tools below are probably the most applicable to readers. These tools will help the lean entrepreneur automate the tasks that less important so that you have time to optimize your core business. For more information on social media theory and practice be sure to check out our article.

Outsource Tasks